Writing In The Time of A Viral Pandemic


The world is facing the challenge of a viral pandemic. For the last few weeks, we’ve been practicing social distancing, staying home as much possible, but showing up for life in whatever form our individual situations have called on us to do. Obviously, how we are each affected varies, scattered on a spectrum that ranges from uncertainty and anxiety, to grief, devastation, and despair. It seems totally frivolous, and yet vital, to be talking about creative passion projects at a time like this.

I read somewhere that, more than ever and if we are able to, it is a time for us to find what we love to do and to do more of it, whether it is writing, making music or art, or any other creative project. It is time to do more of what we love as a way of combating and relieving anxiety: it may help us manage stress, and when we share what we create, others may share in some of that joy. To be able to immerse ourselves in the act of creating is a privilege. It is also a meditation, a spiritual practice that can help us get back to basics, stripping away all that is non-essential or busywork. It can be a celebration of life and the resilient urge to create something. (Isn’t it curious how a creative project can be both: 1) a refuge, where we shelter and hide from the chaos outside, and 2) an expression, how we show up and share ourselves with the world. Another contrast at a time that is full of contrasts.)

A bookend is an object that, according to the dictionary, helps keeps books upright. What if books were what propped you up? That’s certainly been my experience. Bookended.org is an homage to books, to the joys of reading, to the meditative experience of writing, and the escape that a good book can offer. My intention is to create this virtual space where we can talk about our love for books, share writing journeys, and book recommendations. I hope visiting Bookended brings you joy and offers us an opportunity to share our experiences and perspectives.

Wishing you lots of love, and happy reading!