A Writer’s Journey

There are no destinations that you grandly arrive at. No final treasure at the end of the journey. There is only the journey.
My goal for 2019 was to write a novel even though the only fiction I’ve ever written is a short story, one that I never attempted to share or publish. It’s 2020 and though I haven’t finished writing, I’m much further along, not just in my novel but in what I have learned. I would love for you to accompany me on this, a writer’s journey.
It starts at Day 1.

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The Book Life, August Edition

The Book Life, August Edition/ Bookended

I hope you and your family are doing well. Welcome to The Book Life, a type of post that I’m hoping to be more regular with. It talks about how things are going but from a reader’s perspective. It’s August and I think it’s fair to say that we’ve all gotten used to a new way of living. I’m a biologist and to me, the shelter in place has felt like an incubation reaction: we’re forced…

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The Book Life

Updates from life in the times of a pandemic It’s a hot summer Monday afternoon in June. A case of perfectionism, wanting the writing I share here to be perfect in relevance, length, clarity, and emotion, has led to my not posting at all. I’ve battled these before and obviously, continue to do so. The number of hours spent reading has also gone down. When I think about the reasons for this, I can narrow it…

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10 Lessons Learned From Creative Projects

It’s May 16th, 2020 as I type this and we are at about two months of social distancing amidst the coronavirus pandemic. I hope you and your loved ones are doing well. Lessons learned from creative projects: Present Day It’s a time of contrasts, the most obvious one being the difference in how each one of us is affected by the pandemic, scattered as we are on a spectrum that ranges from bored and inconvenienced to…

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All Or Nothing: Day 10 of a writer’s journey

I have some fairly disparate things to talk about today but I think there is a thread that ties them together, so bear with me as I try to make sense of it . First: There’s always something, an idea or a perspective, that is obvious to some persons but another person is completely oblivious to it. And then maybe someone says something, and like the shake of a kaleidoscope, there is an inward shift and…

A Writer's Journey

Day 9 of a writer’s journey

Note: I migrated my 2019 posts from an older blog and unfortunately, I lost the Day 9 post. From what I remember, it was a commitment to showing up and writing. I wrote that while I was in the shower, an image popped into my head. I imagined I was in a glass cabin up in the mountains. There were trees everywhere. My view from within the glass walls looked like the picture above. Because this…

A Writer's Journey

Writer’s block: Day 8 of a writer’s journey

Having answered the question (Are you a writer?) to my satisfaction, I renewed my commitment to the book. I created time in my daily schedule to write. I had multiple overseas trips coming up in the first half of 2019 and I increased my writing efforts to make up for the time I would lose because of the travel. I immersed myself in the book and both the plot and the characters benefited from this attention,…

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Are you a writer? Day 7 of a writer’s journey

Are you a writer? With the arrival of 2019, I was gripped by an urgency to get on with this writing project. I wasn’t writing enough, I felt. Not writing enough. Not writing fast enough. The material was not gripping enough. I had a list of all that was I doing wrong and my inner critic assured me that it was all my fault. If only I’d worked hard enough, this book could be done by…