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So many books and so little time to read them all. This category is all about books: the must-reads, the books that connect the dots on a particular topic, the unputdownable, as well as notes and thoughts on some of all-time favorites.
It’s just books, ad infinitum.

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Book: Persuasion by Jane Austen

Persuasion by Jane Austen/ Bookended

Thoughts and personal notes on Persuasion by Jane Austen: (SPOILER ALERT!) 1. This is my favorite Jane Austen. I first read it as a teenager and loved it, more even than Pride and Prejudice. I just finished reading it again as part of our bookclub’s March selection. Oddly, because I don’t think we planned it, we paired it with Albert Camus’ The Plague ( a nod to the unfolding Coronavirus situation gripping the world). A love…

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5 Books On Creativity: Must-Read

5 Must Read Books On Creativity

Welcome to the first post on sets of books that focus on a specific subject. I’ve called the series Connect The Dots because it allows me to share 5 books that can be read sequentially, going from one to the other naturally, much like drawing an actual connect-the-dots figure. Like so many of us, I have always turned to books for answers. Yes, we have the internet but, because I was a teenager when computers were…

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All Or Nothing: Day 10 of a writer’s journey

Big Magic/ Bookended

I have some fairly disparate things to talk about today but I think there is a thread that ties them together, so bear with me as I try to make sense of it . First: There’s always something, an idea or a perspective, that is obvious to some persons but another person is completely oblivious to it. And then maybe someone says something, and like the shake of a kaleidoscope, there is an inward shift and…

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Are you a writer? Day 7 of a writer’s journey

Are you a writer?/Path Made Clear/ Bookended

Are you a writer? With the arrival of 2019, I was gripped by an urgency to get on with this writing project. I wasn’t writing enough, I felt. Not writing enough. Not writing fast enough. The material was not gripping enough. I had a list of all that was I doing wrong and my inner critic assured me that it was all my fault. If only I’d worked hard enough, this book could be done by…

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Afternoon Tea (Judge A Book By Its Cover, #3)

Afternoon tea at home/

We are back to looking at the cover of a book and deciding that we just have to have it! Read the complete introduction to this series here or you may just want the abbreviated version: You may have heard the idiom, don’t judge a book by its cover, an admonishment to not let surface appearances sway you. Take the time to read the book, delve beneath the surface, and find what message lies within its…

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Facing fears: Day 4 of a writer’s journey

Facing fears/Meera Lee Patel/

On most journeys, there comes a time that you’ll wish that at least some of the lessons you are learning had been taught in school. I reached this stage in the fall of 2018 when every day seemed to have some new life lesson that I had to learn but when progress on the book itself slowed down to the rate of thick, viscid honey moving uphill. No matter how much I showed up ready to…