The prompt for Day 4 of the 30-day book photography challenge is to photograph and share a favorite book cover. Now, I have a series of posts where I talk about how easy it is to be lured by a beautiful book cover and you can find that here. For today’s entry, I want to share this beautiful book called Gypsy, A World Of Colour And Interiors by Sibella Court. It’s a book on interior design approached via colors. Say you travel to Turkey (which the author does along with travels to Ecuador, Southeast Asia, Scotland, and Romania) and you fall in the love with the colors you see around you. Just think, the different blues alone would send a person into rhapsody. You come back home and you want to capture and recreate the magic of those colors so that those memories stay with you, in immediate proximity and thrilling you long after the visit. This book shows you how to use colors to tell the story of your experiences and to create spaces you’ll love to come home to. I loved everything about this book: the binding, the matte colors, the heavy pages, the textures, the photography and the layering of experiences, memories, new and old objects, and milestones that go into making a home.

Gypsy, A World Of Colour And Interiors by Sibella Court/ Day 4: Book Cover/Bookended
Gypsy, A World Of Colour And Interiors by Sibella Court/Bookended

We are all telling stories, all the time. We say it in how we dress, what we tell others, and how we decorate our homes. That’s what is fascinating about interior design. In my opinion, it’s less about design and more about the story you want to tell and the backdrop against which your story plays out. For example, I have noticed a theme that has played out in all the homes I have lived in: they have piles of books, squashy sofas, embroidered textiles, and a ragtag collection of art. I seem to be saying that this is who I am and “these are a few of my favorite things” and I have surrounded myself with them. These are the colors that make me happy. This is where I went for my honeymoon. These are books from my childhood that I am reading to my children. This is my story.

If you like books that treat interior design less as formulaic how-to and more as a way to bring your story to life in the form of a beautiful decorated space, I want to recommend two other books: Anna Spiro’s Absolutely Beautiful Things and Ben Pentreath’s English Decoration: Timeless Inspiration for the Contemporary Home.

Absolutely Beautiful Things by Anna Spiro/ Bookended

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