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According to the dictionary, bookends are objects that help keep books upright. You are in the right place if you believe books are what keep YOU upright, your reliable support system for adventure, inspiration, and life lessons.  

We're passionate about books.

At Bookended,  you'll find all things book related: what we're reading, what we think you might like to read, to-read lists that are a mile along, and a chronicle of one writer's journey to write a book. 

PS. This is your place to be if you've always romanticized bookclubs. (Doesn't everyone?) And if you like lots of talk about how much we love to drink tea and read books, preferably at the same time.



Books, Fiction

Book: Persuasion by Jane Austen

Thoughts and personal notes on Persuasion by Jane Austen: (SPOILER ALERT!) 1. This is my favorite Jane Austen. I first read it as a teenager and loved it, more even than Pride and Prejudice. I just finished reading it again as part of our bookclub’s March selection. Oddly, because I don’t think we planned it, we paired it with Albert Camus’ The Plague ( a nod to the unfolding Coronavirus situation gripping the world). A love…

Books, Connect The Dots, Nonfiction

5 Books On Creativity: Must-Read

Welcome to the first post on sets of books that focus on a specific subject. I’ve called the series Connect The Dots because it allows me to share 5 books that can be read sequentially, going from one to the other naturally, much like drawing an actual connect-the-dots figure. Like so many of us, I have always turned to books for answers. Yes, we have the internet but, because I was a teenager when computers were…

A Writer's Journey, Books

All Or Nothing: Day 10 of a writer’s journey

I have some fairly disparate things to talk about today but I think there is a thread that ties them together, so bear with me as I try to make sense of it . First: There’s always something, an idea or a perspective, that is obvious to some persons but another person is completely oblivious to it. And then maybe someone says something, and like the shake of a kaleidoscope, there is an inward shift and…

A Writer's Journey

Day 9 of a writer’s journey

Note: I migrated my 2019 posts from an older blog and unfortunately, I lost the Day 9 post. From what I remember, it was a commitment to showing up and writing. I wrote that while I was in the shower, an image popped into my head. I imagined I was in a glass cabin up in the mountains. There were trees everywhere. My view from within the glass walls looked like the picture above. Because this…

A Writer's Journey

Writer’s block: Day 8 of a writer’s journey

Having answered the question (Are you a writer?) to my satisfaction, I renewed my commitment to the book. I created time in my daily schedule to write. I had multiple overseas trips coming up in the first half of 2019 and I increased my writing efforts to make up for the time I would lose because of the travel. I immersed myself in the book and both the plot and the characters benefited from this attention,…

The Book Life

National Book Lovers Day

This post is a few days late but as I have dedicated this blog to books, tea, and self-improvement, I didn’t want to miss commemorating National Book Lovers Day which was on August 9th in the United States. I love books but I’d never heard of this day and I was thrilled that, coincidentally, I spent the mornings of both Aug 9th and 10th browsing the shelves of two independent bookstores in Ojai, California. I ended…

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