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Setting the story free: Day 2

Setting the story free/ A Writer's Journey/ Bookended.org

Setting your story free I am typing this Day 2 post (of my writing journey) in the middle of April 2019. Does that mean I stopped writing last April? No. I still wrote but what I wrote underwent many revisions. First, the more I wrote, the more I learned how to write. This learning curve continues to this day. But there were also other events that influenced my writing. Sometime during May 2018, I had a…

A Writer's Journey, Day 1

Day 1

This is Day 1 of my writer’s journey. To be honest, it’s yet another Day 1. An idea for a novel came to me in the fall of 2017. I thought about it for a few months, turning it this way and that in my mind, examining it like a child who isn’t sure how her new toy works. Fascinated, hypnotized, and unsure. The book idea was not a complete, from-the-beginning-to-the-end kind of inspiration. It was…

Books, Judge A Book By Its Cover

Judge A Book By Its Cover, #1

You may have heard the idiom, don’t judge a book by its cover, an admonishment to not let surface appearances sway you. Take the time to read the book, delve beneath the surface, and find what message lies within its pages. Get to know a person instead of letting your preconceived notions quickly fix labels upon them.  Don’t judge a book by its cover, someone entreats us, wagging their finger for emphasis. This series does the…

A Writer's Journey

A Writer’s Journey

My goal for 2019 is to write a novel even though the only fiction I’ve ever written is a short story, one that I never attempted to share or publish. Writing has always been a fulfilling hobby, one that I pursued through my teen years and that I took up again in my thirties, as a blogger. Up until last year, and after a decade of blogging, I was still a dabbler, someone who wrote to…