Updates from life in the times of a pandemic

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It’s a hot summer Monday afternoon in June. A case of perfectionism, wanting the writing I share here to be perfect in relevance, length, clarity, and emotion, has led to my not posting at all. I’ve battled these before and obviously, continue to do so. The number of hours spent reading has also gone down. When I think about the reasons for this, I can narrow it down to two- 1) I am spending more time writing (if you have read this blog before, you may know that I am working on a novel); 2) with the realization that certain life changes, courtesy of the coronavirus, are here to stay, we have entered into an adjustment phase where we have to plot a new way of living. What routines, habits and ways to work and relax will we bring with us or create for this new life? Just asking myself this question has helped as an effective reminder that I always have agency over my life regardless of external circumstances. For more on agency, you may want to read this article from the Greater Good magazine at Berkeley. I’m currently reading the book mentioned in the article, The Power Of Agency by Drs. Paul Napper and Anthony Rao (more on the book in another post).

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The Book Life

People who regularly practice meditation often talk about how meditating allows them to show up for life in a more resilient, and less reactionary, way. That is how my writing practice currently feels, as a necessary refueling that allows me to meet life’s other responsibilities. (While there are many articles on how meditation can benefit creativity, I didn’t find anything on writing or a similar creative practice as an effective substitute for meditation.) If writing acts as fuel, a reading practice helps find answers, introduces new ideas and ways of thinking, and also serves as a necessary escape. (This is what I mean by the book life: a life where I’m held upright by books!)

What tools are you bringing as we enter this new way of life? Here are some items on my list: daily exercise, establishing a short yoga and meditation practice, a robust reading practice. I expect this list to keep growing as we navigate these changing times and currently the latest addition is this: to consciously engage with life such that challenges are seen for the growth opportunities they are.

Take care, and see you tomorrow.